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Produced her first foal in 2012. A nice filly by Murthwaite Michael. Bought from breeder Colin Roberts as a foal at the October sale.. A real hardy pony which thrives out on the hill. Had a real good colt foal by Jackpot in 2010 (Crosbie). Bought privately from her breeder Mr Sandham, Ruby is a tremendously strong dark bay mare whos parents have both made a huge contribution to the breed. Bought privately from her breeder Mr Sandham, Tilly is a black mare, with real quality limbs and again out of very good parents.

Had her first foal by Tam in 2008, a filly (Steffi). In 2009 she produced a black colt (Jack Daniels ) which has been exported to Denmark as a stallion. Her 2010 colt foal (Dynamite) has travelled to the far South, he is now with the McNamaras of the Lydvale Stud in Devon. Had her first foal in 2007, Jackpot, by Tam, who we have retained as a stallion and who has won some of the most prestigious championships in the country. She also produced Drambuie, another big winner. Finaly in 2012 she produced a filly, Amber. We will see how she develops.

Having spent all of their life on the fell at Townend they are very fit and hopefully have many good years ahead of them. First M&M Large breeds, Supreme M&M Inhand Champion, NPS Scotland Spring Show, Oatridge. Was shown as a yearling with great success. Has now gone down south to Martin and Jenny Crane. Exeptional mover thats sure to be prominant in the showring for years to come ! Full brother to Steffi and Danny. He is now owned by Bob and Sue McNamara in Devon.

They hope to keep him entire and use him as a future stalion. Mellissa and Rosie are now owned by Gwen Rae from Riverside Stables in Denny. Both ponies are shown inhand successfully, with Rosie about to try her hand in the ridden classes. Danny is now owned by Camilla Hald in Denmark. She hopes to keep him entire and use him as a stallion in the future. Dizzy is now owned by Pauline McPherson from Midlothian. Dougal is now in Fife and owned by Rachel Mangto.

Rachel has had Dougal for just over four years, in this time they have done a bit of everything but particularly excelled and enjoyed jumping (as can be seen from the first picture! ). Annie was sold in November 2006. She has moved to the north of Scotland and is now owned by Diane Meikle. fter spending 7 years in Devon as a broodmare with Bob and Sue McNamara, Maggie has now moved to Dorset to begin her career as a riding pony with Sharron Camp. Lady was sold in October 2005 to the Woolley family, she was broken to ride and competed in the FPS Trotting races held at both Tebay and Crosby Ravensworth Show in 2006. She finished the summer undefeated winning both the junior (with Jessica Woolley) and the senior (with Emma Woolley) points competitions.

In 2007 Lady was exported to France, she is now owned by Libby Robinson at the Globetrotter Stud. Mac has been kept entire and is owned by Glen Mitchiner. He has been successfully shown both inhand and under saddle. These full brothers are owned by the Savage family in Cumbria and are both broken to ride and drive. you have a Bracklinn Fell Pony then email us a picture with a little information and we will put it on this page!!!

How to address the causes of pruritus

The problem of pruritus outbreaks affects the victims’ self-confidence. They can be as a result of pregnancy, old age, cancer, or an allergic reaction. Allergies arise when the immune system negatively reacts with specific substances such as dust mites, pollen, certain foods, insect stings, among other factors that might lead to the release of histamine. This infection appears anywhere on the body, e.g., face, lips or ears, and causes the skin to experience red bumps, swells, or plaques which in turn triggers itching, burning, or stinging. It is associated with dry skin, watery eyes, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, dizziness, swelling of the tongue, etc.

Skin and beauty

 Beautiful Woman on horse

Have you heard about Oxyhives’ active ingredients, Arnica Montana, Apis mellifica, Ichthyolum, Lachesis, Hepar, Mercurius solubilis and Urtica urens, play important roles to help get rid of hives. Scientists designed this product with the aim of relieving several pruritus symptoms naturally without any complications. Up to date, it is still being referred by customers as the best medication. In case of an onset, Oxyhives can be used to ease itching and burning that accompanies the condition. Doctors have also suggested other methods for treatment. The use of corticosteroid creams by applying it on the affected areas cause a cooling effect on the skin thus reducing itch and eliminating red marks.

Calcineurin inhibitors like tacrolimus and antidepressants curb the burning and stinging feeling caused on the skin by the disease. Phototherapy, which endangers the skin to ultraviolet light for itch relief, is also recommended. The use of moisturizing lotions and lubricants, e.g. humectants temporarily treats the symptoms of this infection. Anticonvulsants and pain modulators control the metabolism of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline hormones as a way of treating neuropathic pruritus. Research shows that, as a result of the continued understanding of pathophysiology, scientists are determined to come up with effective ways of treating the disease.

Fun facts about ponies

Most people have been fascinated by ponies since their childhood days and have formed close bonds with them. With their cute stature, fluffy tail and friendly nature, these noble creatures have been a popular choice among kids of all ages when it comes to riding lessons or ownership. Bring your family members along and spend several days in nature with an exceptional equine friend for a unique adventure that you will always remember.

From Fell to Shetland, choose from over 200 amazing pony breeds and have a wonderful time together on the grass fields. Although books can teach you important things about every breed in particular, you can also request your charming friends on the  at for more information. Take advantage of the special meeting place for adults where you can share passionate moments with seductive ladies and ask them about their favorite type of pony.

Due to the large number of beautiful ladies you can find during your  sessions, you may come upon some persons who have been raised on a horse farm and who can give you plenty of advice for your next purchase about food, grooming, healthcare and more. Since the women from the entertainment have an adventurous spirit, they will keep you company on those lonely nights and enhance your mood with exciting stories and gestures.

Because all your new attractive partners from the  love cute animals, teach them fun facts about ponies and you will definitely win them over. Impress them with the strength of such small animals that can carry up to 20% of their body weight. As they were basically bred to pull carts or drag coal from the mines, your gorgeous companions from  will be amazed by the power of a pony.

Even though the adorable equines are often picked by kids for fun, they are suitable for aduls as well. Sometimes, horse fans discover that they feel more comfortable when they ride a smaller sized pony than on a big horse, while other individuals appreciate the healthy and tough nature of a pony. These lovely creatures do not need a heavy diet, but do drink great amounts of water every day such as 20 or 30 gallons.

Many people buy ponies for all kinds of work such as transportation or farm chores because they require less food than a standard horse. Given the numerous breeds of ponies available, you will meet some with a good ability for jumping, others have incredible stamina for driving and more that are loved for their kind temperament perfect for beginner riders or youngsters because they help with the sense of balance and offer better control.

It is well known that like horses, ponies have some blind spots that do not allow them to see. Everybody is aware that they should never stay behind them as these equine species cannot see you and will give you a strong kick if they sense someone there. Nonetheless, these animals have a kind personality and can help you detach for few precious moments from the stressful world at work. Discover the beauty of poenies and create splendid memories together!

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